"I Couldn't Have Asked For Anyone Better." -Breanna Avalos Review on Dr. Galindo

"I Couldn't Have Asked For Anyone Better." -Breanna Avalos Review on Dr. Galindo

Dr. Galindo is titled ‘The Golden Boy’ due to his sense of humor, jokes, and patient care, and is a Board Certified General Surgeon.  He is currently practicing his fifth year of bariatric surgeries and has assisted world class surgeons throughout his career.

Dr. G spends quality time with his patients before their procedures because he understands that these procedures can cause some severe stress and anxiety and he wants to calm his patients before they undergo surgery.  He enjoys getting to know his patients and helping them have the best experience possible.


You can find his credentials and more information about Dr. Galindo at pompeiisurgical.com



Breanna Avalos found her Doctor and Pompeii Surgical through a social media blogger by the name of Jakelie George who had had her procedure done at Pompeii Surgical.


“I was actually scheduled with a different doctor, but my flight delayed and Dr. G had the next availability.  I thank God for that delay because I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.”


Due to her last-minute change in Doctors, Breanna did not get a chance to do any research into her Doctor.  As anyone could imagine, the last minute change in Doctors like that for a surgical procedure would leave anyone feeling uneasy and nervous.


“I was quite nervous arriving, but once I met my Doctor, I was worry free and happy.  He spent about 15 minutes with me before surgery talking to me and making sure I was 100% comfortable.”


For a 15 minute sit down Dr. G certainly made an impression on Breanna, and lived up to his Golden Boy nickname.  He made sure to make her comfortable in every step of her procedure and even afterward.


“I saw Dr. G every day after my surgery at Pompeii Surgical.  I loved his smile, his heart.  He made me feel like I was family, and I knew at that moment I was in great hands.  Dr. G loves his job and makes you feel loved, as well.”


Breanna was immediately comfortable with the facility and staff at Pompeii Surgical. Primarily in part due to Dr. G, but also because of the excellent personable staff and how they treated her.


“I was very comfortable before the surgery.  Now besides surgery pain, I was pretty comfortable as well.  I had a beautiful room, great nurses, and the hotel room was great as well.  If I ever had any question, the staff always answered me and made me feel very welcomed.”


Breanna has not left any stone unturned when it comes to uplifting her Surgeon and her experience.  She is happy to say anything and everything possible to let others know what type of person and Surgeon Dr. G is.


“Dr. G isn’t called the “Golden Boy” for nothing!  He is an amazing person, and his work is excellent.  He will make you feel like you’re his best friend in 5 minutes, and make sure you have no fear going into the operation room.  If you want a doctor who sincerely cares about you, choose Dr. Galindo.  He is such an amazing person and made me feel so happy and so at home while I was at Pompeii Surgical.  My weight is melting off, and I couldn’t thank Dr. G more for helping me turn around my life.  If it makes you more comfortable, do your research.  Compare the surgeons and choose which one you think is best.  I honestly wish Dr. G performed plastics and I’d be back for more!”