Hitting That Dreaded Wall

Hitting That Dreaded Wall

After Weight Loss Surgery,

primarily due to your new diet and exercise, you will be shedding pounds like crazy. There will come a time in your weight loss journey after surgery that you will hit the wall, the dreaded plateau. It is easy at this point to let those fears of doubt creep back into your head. It is easy to think, oh no, this is it, now I'm going to gain all the weight back, or that the surgery just isn't working. This is the time where you need to remember to be kind to yourself and to stay positive. The plateau happens to most people, and you have to allow your body to do what it needs to do. It has been through a lot of change, and it is normal for your body to begin adjusting to all the changes, and this can sometimes cause a halt in weight loss.  


Try not to pay too much attention to the number you see on the scales at this point. In addition to your body adjusting, if you are working out, muscle tone will affect the number on the scale. It is detrimental at this point to look at the scale because muscle weighs more than fat. A better way of judging whether or not you are losing weight is to take progress photos and use your clothes and a measuring tape to see where you are losing and what your progress is looking like.


Aside from losing weight, the even more important part is whether or not your health is improving and how you are doing with your diet. A lot of times, people stall in weight loss and panic. They think that their worse fears have come true and that the surgery just didn't work, or that this is as much weight as they will ever lose. This is when people can fall back into bad habits. It is imperative to anticipate this stall and view it in a more gentle way. There can be many reasons why the number on the scale isn't moving, and that it isn't truly cause for alarm. Just because the number is not moving does not mean you aren't progressing.


This journey post-op is one of the unknown. You don't know what to expect, and when you've been losing losing losing and then all of the sudden it just stops, it is natural to get a little worried and discouraged. Especially if you have gotten used to the ease of the weight loss. Your brain has been wired for years to expect things to not work out for you in terms of weight loss, so it is entirely normal and understandable to be concerned when and if you hit that stall. Being aware and ready for it in case it happens to you is so very important so that you have the right outlook if it happens.