Hiatal Hernia Repair

Hiatal Hernia Repair



A hiatal hernia occurs after the upper part of your stomach has made its way through the large muscle that separates your abdomen and chest.  Your chest has a small opening called a hiatus, and your esophagus passes through it before connecting to the stomach.  This can cause you to have food and acid back up into your, which can cause heartburn.  Some hiatal hernias can require surgery.




    ▪    Heartburn
    ▪    Regurgitation of food or liquids into your mouth
    ▪    Acid Reflux
    ▪    Difficulty swallowing
    ▪    Chest or abdominal pain
    ▪    Shortness of breath
    ▪    Vomiting of blood or passing black stool which can be indicative of gastrointestinal bleeding.




This hiatal hernia is caused by a weakened muscle tissue that allows your stomach to bulge up through your diaphragm.  There is not always an apparent reason why this occurs, but it is most common in people over 50, and those suffering from obesity.




Pompeii Surgical can help you if you are unsure if you have a Hiatal Hernia.  During your scheduled surgery, your surgeon can and will determine if it is a health concern and will do what needs to be done to repair the issue.  





    ▪    Pompeii Surgical does not charge for repair if it isn't needed.
    ▪    Pompeii Surgical repairs hernia's caused by any procedure we performed free of cost.