Exercises To Avoid After Bariatric Surgery

Exercises To Avoid After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is first and foremost, a tool. It is not a cure or a miracle pill to melt the weight off. The person who gets the weight loss surgery is expected to do the work to lose the weight and get healthy. As soon as you get your surgery, your lifestyle must change right away. The benefits you get from the weight loss surgery are numerous, but it is a steep road to get acclimated to a new lifestyle. Diet and Exercise must be incorporated immediately into your life. It is essential to ease into an exercise regimen, not just if you aren’t used to exercising, but also because there are still risks associated with working out too hard after your surgery.


Your initial diet of mostly liquids leaves your body in a delicate state as does the surgery you have just had. You still are healing, and your body is getting used to everything. This is more reason to ease into the new workout routine. Your Doctor will have a good idea of what exercises would be best for you to start with. It is crucial to speak to your Doctor about your intentions for a workout routine.


For the first two months, you should be doing a lot of walking. Listen to your body and don’t do anything that feels like it is too much or is causing pain, but walking is critical in the beginning to start your workout regimen. Walking will help you heal and help you lose weight. During the first 3 to 4 months, all abdominal type exercises must be avoided entirely. It is never a good idea to do any type of abdominal Exercise after gastric surgery, even a non-invasive or minimally invasive one.


Even if you begin to feel like you can do more, it is essential to take it easy and discuss everything with your Doctor to cease any potential complications that could arise from doing too much when your body isn’t ready. Lifting weights, running, jogging, intense cardio, these are exercises that should be avoided and talked about with your Doctor if you are wanting to begin incorporating them in your routine. Anything you begin to include, it is important to start slowly.


After four months, the risks of complication drop drastically, and you can begin incorporating more intense workouts into your routine. It is always essential to speak with your Doctor before beginning anything, but at this point, you may begin to incorporate a wider variety of exercise routines into your daily life. It is difficult to find an exercise that you enjoy and can stick with, so it stands to reason that experimenting with different forms of exercise will benefit your life. It is so important to find an activity you enjoy because it is imperative to stick with regular exercise in order to maintain your weight loss.  


After Bariatric Surgery, it is imperative to take its slow. Even as important as incorporating Exercise itself. You do not want to do too much and risk complicating your surgery and invading your healing process. Walking is the best option for starting with and will enable you to work an exercise routine into your new daily routine slowly.