Recover In Style in the Recovery Room of Dreams

Recover In Style in the Recovery Room of Dreams

Our story begins with an offer, one extended to our very own Pompeii Surgical surgeons. The corporation offered our surgeons a special place all to themselves within the Pompeii Surgical facility. Most hospitals that we know of have lounges for their doctors. This area is an area to relax and unwind. Maybe take a nap and have some solace.


"Pompeii Surgeons don't slack off here at Pompeii Surgical. We don't hide in our offices; our place is with our patients from the moment we arrive until the moment we leave. We all got together and dedicated that space and built you guys something that no one else has ever seen before." -Dr. Q


This is such a noble venture. How many doctors do you know who would give up such a space? They work incredibly long hours with very stressful intricate work; they certainly deserve such a space. Still, our Surgeons here at Pompeii Surgical wouldn't hear of it, and they do not get anything out of this Celebrity Suite as you might think. Of course, the room itself comes at a price. It is $500 for two nights with a companion. $500 for two people for such a fantastic suite? It is simply unmatched. The profits from this room do not go to the surgeons. The surgeons decided 100% of the proceeds would go to their amazing employees who work so hard to make this facility run smoothly. The surgeons here at Pompeii Surgical have proven time and time again, that this facility is about its people. That means it is not about the success of the surgeons or their finances. It is about the excellent staff that enables them to do what they love to do, and it is about first and foremost, their patients. They genuinely are generous and amazing people. Which is just another reason to trust in Pompeii Surgical and what they stand for.


"To give up a nice posh surgical lounge for yourself in exchange for your patients, and to donate all the proceeds from it to its employees, it's very noble. You just don't see that in humanity much." -KC Smith


Let's get into detail about this suite. The Celebrity Suite is named such for an extraordinary reason. One which has not been released as of yet, but is not what you might think. It is something incredibly special for the guests of the suite when they choose to stay. The suite has only had 2 guests so far. Our very own Chris and Tracie Sizemore. Chris and Tracie Sizemore, if you do not know them, are incredibly amazing patients of Pompeii Surgical who have advocated for the facility ever since their surgeries in 2017. They both had side by side surgeries at Pompeii Surgical and found success. Since then, Chris has lost all the weight he struggled with, and then some and feels excellent. Tracie also found success and lost 70 lbs in the first eight months; however, she states that she then gained back 20 pounds because she didn't address the issues she truly needed to.  This time Tracie plans to take it more seriously. "I'm definitely going into this knowing I have to tackle the mental side just as much if not more than the physical side, but I'm just really thankful it's even an option." It is only a tool and can only get you so far, the patient has to do the work, and Tracie, a strong and amazing woman, plans on doing just that.  



Chris and Tracie went live on Facebook on February 6. An amazingly documented tour of the beautiful and captivating Celebrity Suite. You can review this live video by clicking on this link: Chris and Tracie Live 

This tour illustrates just how extravagant this suite really is. From the elegant flooring to the shiny, pristine white surfaces, down to the chandeliers and light fixtures, this suite really is the cream of the crop and unmatched anywhere in California. When you walk in you are instantly greeting with luxury.

Chris states in the Live video: "The entry is fully celebrity status. The walkway, we call it the catwalk. It is amazing. I want to live here." Tracie agrees, "I want my house to look like this."

The floors are a beautifully crafted wood floor, and you immediately walk up to a gorgeous shining white credenza with a beautiful light fixture that has the immediate feel of extravagance. The decor in it of itself is like something you would see in the most beautifully designed mansion. The first room has two patient beds that look amazingly comfortable. Across from each bed is a big-screen television that each patient can control. To the side of the two patient beds is a big cozy bed for the companion that I would love to have in my own house. This bed also sits across from a big-screen television. The best part about the two patient beds is that if you were getting surgery with someone or you found a surgery buddy for your date, you could split the room and have a beautiful suite for both of you.  



The next room is the living room. It has an office space with a considerable span of desk with organization and a computer to get any work done that you or your companion need to in the length of your stay. Then there is a beautiful cozy reclining sofa across a large big-screen television in which you can watch anything that you want to watch. Next to the living room is a kitchenette that has a fully stocked fridge and cupboards with snacks and drinks for companions and patients both. There are options for both the patient and companion. There is no charge for anything that comes out of the fridge like a typical hotel. Next to the kitchenette is a gorgeous bathroom with a sprawling shower that has a chair for after surgery showering. There is any kind of soap and cleaning stuff that you could ever want with an assortment of lotions, body oils, after shower accessories, and even essential oils. Again no expense was spared. See it for yourself because all of the details would never fit in this article.


"One of the things that makes this experience so unique is that we wanted to provide the availability for people to be able to customize. So if you get in here and you don't like the scent of your room, we have a whole array of things over here for you to pick, and you can make it more palatable." - Melanie from Pompeii Surgical's staff


Pompeii Surgical associates have visited the top 5 private hospitals, suites, and walked through all of them. They say this is nothing like anything they have ever seen before. There is nothing comparable in Baja, or California at all. It's over the top, in the best ways. This suite is built with variety. What this means is, anything you could ever want, you can have. For example, you want coffee? You can go to your kitchenette and there are 50 versions of this and 50 versions of that.  You want a hair scrunch? What kind? Do you want a clip instead? It is yours. Do you have a preferred body lotion, just ask, and it's yours. You are ready for bed, do you want soft sheets, hard sheets, thick blanket, thin blanket? Are you anxious, grab a weighted blanket. A little cold, grab a heated blanket. Maybe you are bored; in a typical hospital room, if they have an iPad, it's typically chained to a table in the corner, not in this suite. Take it with you wherever you go.

Curl up in bed with it, relax on the reclining sofa with it while you watch the big-screen television. Thirsty or hungry, grab a snack and you will never see the bill. This suite is not generically standardized to patients. It is customized to you, and also your companion as well — snacks, for example. A regular bag of potato chips is attached to the tastiest healthiest version, one for you and one for them. Pompeii Surgical pulled out all the stops; They sent nutritionists out to taste 20 plus bags of the healthiest potato chips to pick the most flavorful one for you. They have spared no expense to make sure that you have the best stay of your life after such a life-changing surgery.  

The suite also includes amenities such as foot massagers, the highest quality in everything that is in the suite. Everything is a name brand of the highest caliber for your utmost comfort in a new environment. The idea is to make you as comfortable and happy as humanly possible to make this experience top-notch. Nothing constructed was intricately thought through. Everything you could want is included.

Book your two night stay in our top of the line celebrity suite to find out for yourself how amazing it is, but also what the surprise waiting for you is.