Brittany Lynch says, "Don't Let Anything Hold You Back."

Brittany Lynch says, "Don't Let Anything Hold You Back."

A bad diet can lead to a whole plethora of health-related issues, not to mention mental health issues. To get to the bottom of the lack of self-control, it takes change, lifestyle change. Brittany Lynch began having difficulties with her weight in her early 20's. The years where you should be finding yourself, feeling out what you want for your future, she spent trying to hide her image from the world.


"I am now 29 years old. My weight affected my health. I had severe sleep apnea and a lot of digestive issues due to my poor diet. Also it caused infertility. The biggest things I have struggled with throughout the years was depression and anxiety caused by being overweight."


Brittany was devastated by her situation and had countless memories that make her cringe. There is so much that she went through because her weight made her feel less than worthy. She didn't feel worthy of being flirted with, she didn't feel worthy of love, she didn't feel worthy of greatness, and that is the real tragedy.


"I can recall an event where I had a girls night out with a bunch of my friends, and I was the 'fat friend.' I remember guys would be buying all of my friends drinks all night long and me buying my own. This affected me mentally in a lot of different ways. I did not feel comfortable in my own skin, and I ended up going home."


Brittany looks back on those years, knowing that there is so much she didn't feel comfortable doing, and hid away from. Being you is such a blessing, and it's so hard when you are ashamed of your image and keep yourself from social events.


"There are several things throughout the years that I didn't do because of my weight. I never went to social events. I didn't take great opportunities that I wish I would have."


Diets and exercise are the things that are supposed to lead us to lasting results, and all the weight loss we could ever want. But for some, it doesn't come that easy; in fact, for some, it doesn't work at all.


"I went through times where I would try different diets before looking into weight loss surgery. I tried them all. I would lose a little and then gain it all back plus more. The diets did not work for me."


Brittany had tried everything she could think of, but she wasn't getting results and didn't know how to conceive of the life change she would need to accomplish in order to change this aspect of her life.  


"I felt disgusted. I had no self confidence or self esteem before surgery. Both physically and mentally. I was not in a good place at all. I was very unhealthy as well. I had severe sleep apnea, PCOS, digestive problems, and severe depression and anxiety."


PCOS can lead to weight gain and inability to lose weight. It is one of the issues many of Pompeii Surgical's patients face, and it is like a losing battle when it comes to trying to lose weight and keep it off. Weight loss surgery offers a tool to allow them to do the work and see actual results. Everyone hits a breaking point before they decide ultimately to do weight loss surgery, and Brittany's had a lot to do with her weight and her PCOS.


"The turning point for me was when I did fertility treatments in 2018. It was unsuccessful and my doctor told me that unless I lost a significant amount of weight I would probably never be able to get pregnant. This was when I started looking into weight loss surgery."


Brittany began her search in the United States and was facing an uphill battle when it came to price point, budget, and insurance.


"I started looking in California and was quoted 17,000. This was to be a cash payment without the help of insurance. I was devastated. There was no way at all I could afford this. My Husband's co-worker then told him about Pompeii Surgical. He said his daughter recently had surgery there. That's when I started looking into it."


After doing as much research as she could on Pompeii Surgical, she filled out an application and was approved for surgery. Once setting a date for her surgery, all that was left was to prepare and begin her pre-op diet and exercise.


"My journey was very difficult mentally preparing for surgery — all the 'what if's' came into play. I had to get the mental part of it completely under control. I also had to throw out all the bad food and say goodbye to the things I used to eat."


Brittany was preparing for her surgery, and among the difficulties of having to throw away food in order to keep a mental hold on her diet, she also was a little afraid of the procedure itself.


"My concerns before surgery were complications, of course, the surgery not working for me, not losing any weight. Also that I would not be able to eat certain things ever again. I was also really fearful of having a lot of loose skin."


Brittany had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy with no complications and unexpectedly pleasant recovery.


"My recovery was very easy. I would describe it as no recovery time. The night after surgery I had a little gas pain in my chest and severe nausea. That was the worst of it. A week or so after, I was a bit sore, but that is all I can recall. I remember thinking, 'this is all?' Because I was expecting to have a hard time after surgery. So when I wasn't, I was completely shocked."


Brittany was so thankful and grateful that she faced her fears and went through with having her surgery. Her story is one of strength and resilience. She was radiating happiness after her experience with Pompeii Surgical.


"My first happy memory would have to be realizing I no longer had sleep apnea before surgery sleep apnea controlled my life. I always felt tired and had problems doing normal daily activities. I believe it was about two weeks out from surgery when I was realizing I slept great and woke up feeling refreshed and energetic. I had not felt like this in years. Sleep apnea is history for me."


Brittany was over the moon about her health improvements.


"My health is incredible now. I give a little background about me. I've tried for about five years to have a baby. I have PCOS and was told at the age of 19 that I would most likely never be able to conceive on my own. On top of that I would not get cycles at all. I would only get one if I took something to bring one on. I did fertility treatment and still nothing. Currently I am 9 months out and started getting my cycles again on my own with no medications. Also I have been ovulating on my own! This is incredible news and I did not think this was even possible for me. I just recently got blood work done, and all my vitamin levels are normal, and I am very healthy."


For Brittany to be having this much positive news about her health and the possibility of a baby is more than she could have asked for. She made it possible for herself to get healthy and change the course of her future.


"My experience with Pompeii Surgical was amazing. Everyone there is so nice and caring. They have a clean facility as well. My Husband went with me as a companion and they also took care of him. He is also having surgery there in three weeks. We are very pleased with Pompeii Surgical and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering weight loss surgery. My message that I would like to give to anyone looking into this is get the mental part of this under control. This is mostly mental, but also don't be afraid. Go for it because your dreams of having a better life is one step away. I am so confident and have so much self esteem and I feel so good! Don't let anything hold you back."