Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery



Those who are researching bariatric surgery are usually in a place where they have nowhere else to turn.  They have often tried everything they can think of to lose weight, and have been unsuccessful.  Some have even been told by a doctor that they need the surgery in order to save their lives.  Bariatric surgery is not without risk, but the benefits for most far outweigh the potential of risk.

Aside from substantial weight loss, Bariatric surgery can put you into long term remission for type 2 diabetes, Improve cardiovascular health, relieve joint pain, improve fertility, relieve depression symptoms, and can even alleviate other obesity-related medical conditions, such as high blood pressure and more.  Patients after surgery find themselves not needing a lot of the medications they took before surgery.  

Bariatric surgery is highly effective for obesity-related type 2 diabetes, and after surgery, almost all patients remain free of insulin and medications for years.  Weight loss also decreases the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and other heart-related diseases.  Many patients find that blood pressure and cholesterol levels return to a healthy level.  Many patients find that their weight causes stress on the joints, and can cause daily pain.  The excess of weight loss after surgery alleviates the pressure on the joints and allows for a pain-free, medication free resolution.  Weight loss can also help with fertility; however, it is not a guarantee depending on why you are having fertility issues.  Many depression issues stem from poor body image and health issues, alleviating those issues often relieve the symptoms of depression.  Without the excess weight, body image will improve, and many patients find that they are less isolated after feeling more confident and healthier.


Obesity is at an all-time high in the United States, and with so many people being denied weight loss surgery by their insurance, Pompeii Surgical offers a unique solution for their situation.  Without having to break through all the barriers only to be rejected, again and again, Pompeii Surgical offers simple financing and almost instant approval.


“We are the only surgical group in Mexico that works privately with its investors to secure loans for our patients.  We are able to approve our patients for surgery regardless of credit status.” -


Quality of life is one of the main reasons people decide to go the route of bariatric surgery.  Patients often feel isolated, ashamed, and depressed.  As stated above, weight loss and feeling healthy with more energy can drastically improve depression symptoms if not taking it away altogether.  

With bariatric surgery being the most effective option for obese patients, why not just call Pompeii Surgical and ask any questions you might have.  Also, check out the Support group on Facebook for Pompeii Surgical.  There are thousands of patients who report their testimony, and if not the support group read any of their stories here on our online magazine.